Moving During Summer And Spring: Things To Consider

15 April 2022
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A considerable part of a successful long-distance move is deciding when to do it. The season you choose to move dictates the costs of relocation and the quality of your moving experience.

While moving during each season has its own perks and limitations, you can pick a time based on your needs.

Which is the Best Time to Move?

There's truly never a perfect time to move. But you can make a sound decision by weighing the pros and cons of each season. Some critical aspects to consider in your choices include;

  • The weather
  • Availability of movers
  • The cost of moving

These factors can help you choose when to move if time constraints are not something to guide your decision.

Moving In Summer 

You'll probably enjoy the warm outdoor weather in summer since you won't have to deal with common road issues that come with the harsh weather in winter. 

Summer has longer days, which gives you more time to pack. This is especially important if you're planning a long-distance move because it gives you more time to enjoy some sun while on the road.

If you have school-going kids, summer is possibly one of the best times to move. It's better to move when children are on a break because it's easier for them to transition when they move to a new school.

Keep in mind that if you move during the summer season, you might have to pay more. Summer is often the busiest time of the year, which prompts moving companies to charge more due to the service high demand. There are also higher chances of cancellation if the moving company gets too overwhelmed by the service orders.

Moving In Spring 

Spring features relatively warm weather. The cold winter weather is long gone, and the scorching heat in summer is yet to come. This eliminates all the risks of moving in extreme heat or cold.

Like summer, spring has longer days than nights, which is beneficial for a long-distance move. You have more time to prepare and higher chances of getting to your destination while the sun is still out.

In addition, moving costs are favorable due to the low service demand. You can even enjoy value-added services like packing and unpacking at pocket-friendly prices. 

The downside of moving in spring is that you have to deal with unpredictable weather patterns (frequent bursts of rainfall). So you should not leave any boxes or furniture exposed. In addition, if you have school-going kids, spring is an important part of their school year. Things can get difficult for them if you choose to move during this period. Thankfully, a residential moving expert can help you decide and put measures in place to ensure a smoother moving experience.

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