See What You Should Do before the Moving Company or Movers Arrive

30 August 2022
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Moving to a new home should be an exciting moment. Unfortunately, it's usually a stressful and exhausting moment for many people instead. But why does this happen? In most cases, moving becomes stressful when you aren't well prepared for it. Even as you wait for the moving company or movers to come and help you move, you should prepare in advance. Of course, this doesn't mean you should do everything or handle the move. However, there are simple things you can do to make the movers' work easier to avoid time wastage. Here are three things you should do before the moving company arrives.


Are you sure you want to carry everything in your house? In most cases, there are items or things you don't need to move—more so if you don't need or intend to use them. Whether you opt to pack belongings yourself or seek professional packing services, you should identify unwanted items and declutter by getting rid of them. You could sell some and donate others. By so doing, you reduce the time you need to pack your items and get a friendlier moving estimate. Where possible, you should declutter a few days before the moving day or just before the movers arrive.

Inform Your Neighbors

Once you set the moving date, ensure you inform your neighbors that you are planning to move. This is crucial, mainly if you expect the activities on that day to somehow interfere with their space, daily routines, or quiet environment. Of course, noise and other activities will disrupt them somehow, but this won't be a big issue as long as they are aware. This means they won't have a problem when they find a moving truck parked on their block. In case you live in an apartment, let your leasing office or property manager know when you are moving. It's usually a good idea because they can help the movers locate your house and reserve parking for them.

Look for a Pet Sitter or Babysitter

The moving day can be stressful, particularly if you have kids and pets. So, before the movers arrive, you should take your kids to a nearby daycare and hire a pet boarding service for their safety. This helps keep them out of the way to avoid injuries as the movers move furniture and other heavy items. You really don't want to imagine what would happen to your pet or kid when a heavy object accidentally falls on them. Hiring a pet sitter or babysitter allows the movers to do their work efficiently, saving time.

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