How To Make Your Move From One Office Building To Another A Good One

15 September 2017
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You may have moved from one home to another one before. If so, you know that can either be a pain in the neck or it can be a smooth event. The same goes with moving from one office building to another one. It can be just as confusing as moving from a home. At the same time, it can actually be a fun experience because coworkers can get to know each other better as they work for a common goal. If you are in charge of planning the move, here are some ideas that might help this to be a good experience.

​Have A Meeting - No matter how many employees there are at your place of business, the first thing that might help is to have a meeting of the minds.

  • Well ahead of time, send out emails and other notices of when the meeting will take place. Be sure that you get responses from all of the workers so you can know that they got the message. For about three days before the move, send reminders.
  • At the meeting, think about asking each of the workers who are involved to clear out their work areas. If they simply have a desk, obviously that won't take a long time. If the worker has his or her office, that might require additional time away from regular work responsibilities.
  • Give your coworkers the exact day that the move will be taking place so they'll be ready for the main event.

Decide What The Plan Will Be - Will the employees be packing their own things? What should they keep with them that they'll need right away?

  • Obviously, things like plants and even decorative things like family photos can be moved by individuals who own them.
  • If workers will be packing some of the things in their own work areas, ask them to mark their names on the packing boxes very clearly. 
  • Think of making a large diagram of where things like boxes and office equipment will go in the new building. Give the diagram to the movers even before the days that you  move so that they'll be familiar with the new office building set-up.

On moving day, be sure that there will be knowledgeable people waiting for the commercial movers so that they can give clear instructions of where things go. Even though you may have provided a diagram, things might still be confusing.