5 Ways To Make Moving Day Go Smoothly For Your Movers

18 September 2017
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If you've been getting ready to move, you've likely been stressed with cleaning the house and packing. When moving day finally does approach, it may be tempting to become less involved and leave things to the moving company. However, you should be all ready to go come moving day; here are four ways to make moving go smoothly for your hired help.

1. Remember That Labels Are Not Just For You

Some people write down the entire contents of a box, but this can get old fast. To quicken the process, some people may just stick with short words, like "kitchen," when labeling their boxes. While you may not care to be detailed on your labels, keep in mind that these labels will really help the movers. For instance, very heavy items should be clearly marked to protect movers' backs. Very fragile items should be clearly marked so that movers don't wedge them under other boxes.

If you don't want to go through the hassle of labeling every tiny thing in a box, consider using colored stickers for quick sorting. For instance, if you make your kitchen boxes have orange stickers, then movers can group these boxes together quickly when they unload them instead of guessing where they should go based on a list of contents.

2. Offer Bottled Water 

According to Shape.com, you can burn about 7 calories per minute, which adds up to 415 per hour. If you factor in staircases, heavy items, and blistering temperatures, your movers could work up quite the sweat! While it's not required to give your movers water bottles, it will surely be appreciated--especially for complicated moves.

3. Double-check That Boxes Are Completely Packed & Taped Shut

Some people mistakenly think that their movers will pack their boxes for them. Unless you purchased a service package that specifically includes packing, many movers are there to just carry and load belongings. A house of half-packed boxes can make moving frustrating and could put the movers behind schedule. Before the movers arrive--and even during the move--be sure to double-check that all boxes are completely secure. Boxes should no longer be loosely packed, but taped shut. If any box pops open, a mover may injure him or herself.

4. Stick Around, But Don't Get In The Way

Many movers have a routine with their crew, so they may not need the extra help (however, another pair of hands can be great). If the movers don't want you carrying the boxes, it's still important for you to be at the new location to tell them where to take certain boxes during the unloading process.

It's important for you to be nearby during the move to answer questions. For instance, if you live in an apartment complex, the movers may need to know exactly where they can park. If you live in a gated community they may need you to input a code to get in and out. Once the movers arrive, they may have questions about which items are the heaviest or the most fragile. If they need to take a break and use the bathroom, you should be there to point it out to them.

While your presence is beneficial, keep in mind that pets and children may unintentionally get in the way. Moving day may be a good time for a friend to watch the children and for your pet to stay at a boarders. 

5. Tip For A Job Well Done

Unlike waiters, movers don't rely on tips for wages--and they shouldn't expect them from you. However, if your movers have done a great job, then it's in good taste to offer a tip along with your thank you. Today.com says that you can give each crew member $20 or more depending on the difficulty of the move.

If you keep all of these tips in mind, moving day should be a success for both you and your movers. Contact local moving companies in your area to ask for more information about how to make the process go smoothly. You can also visit websites like http://www.bekins.com.