Moving Services For Disabled Seniors

10 May 2019
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Moving to live closer to your children who live far away as you age can make sense, especially if mobility issues are already beginning to become a problem. Having family nearby doesn't just provide you with the help you may need, it also helps you stay mentally healthy and happy. Unfortunately, a long distance move can be particularly overwhelming when you are older and disabled, especially if you don't have someone to help you with the entire process. The following are a few moving services that make this new adventure possible.

Packing  services

Packing can be very overwhelming and difficult to accomplish alone. A packing service will come in and quickly and safely box up all your belongings for moving. There is one caveat — a packing service packs everything, so you will need to go through your items first and discard or donate anything you do not want to move before they arrive. As a benefit, though, with a packing service, you can put off packing until almost the last minute since they won't need to come in and pack until a day or two before your move.

Full-service movers

Next, make sure you include full-service moving as part of your truck rental and transport package. This service will provide you with at least two movers that will move everything into the truck at your old house, then they will quickly move everything out of the truck at your new place. You won't have to lift a finger or find friends and family to help.

Assembly services

Packing and unloading are all well and good, but it can be overwhelming if you need to unpack and put everything together on your own. You could get your family to help, but chances are they have jobs and you may not want to impose. An assembly service will not just unpack, they will also help you move everything where you want as well as assemble anything that needs to be put together.

Cleaning service

Moving can be messy, and you usually end up with two places that need to be cleaned. Make your life easier and hire a cleaning service to scrub down your old place once it is empty. A service can also come in after the move and clean your new place as well as break down and dispose of all the moving supplies so you don't have to figure out what to do with them.

For more help, contact a long distance moving service.