How Much Will You Pay To Move A Piano?

14 June 2021
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Some of your household items require special attention when moving. One of these items is your piano. A piano is not your ordinary piece of furniture that can be bundled alongside other household items into the moving truck. With its odd shape, size, and delicate nature, proper moving arrangements are needed.

But at what cost? To answer this question, you need to ask for a piano estimate from your moving company. Overall, the factors discussed below will guide the piano moving estimate. 

The Size of Your Piano

The size of your piano will determine the cost of moving it. Large pianos will require a higher number of movers to lift and load into the truck compared to smaller ones. As such, you will pay more to move a concert grand piano than a baby grand piano. 

To measure the size of your piano, you should first determine whether it's grand or upright. For a grand piano, you measure the length from the bow to one keyboard end. For an upright piano, measure the length from the lid to the floor. You can also ask the piano movers to measure your piano size for you

The Shape of Your Piano

Your piano can either be grand or have an upright shape. Pianos with a grand shape are more difficult to maneuver, especially in tight spaces. They are also more prone to damage; hence, extra caution is needed when moving them. As a result, most moving companies will charge more for a grand-shaped piano than an upright one. 

The Distance

The cost of moving your piano across different states will not be the same as moving your piano across the street. A move across states requires more resources like time and fuel. Also, a lot of preparation goes behind a move across states. The moving company will need a special truck equipped with ramps, rings, clips, and hydraulic lifts to secure your piano during transit. 

Most moving companies will charge higher for long-distance moves than local moves to compensate for the long preparations needed and resources used. 

Unique Circumstances and Obstacles

There may be unique obstacles in your case that affect the piano estimate. Maybe you are moving to a remote area with rocky roads or relocating to a house on an upper floor. Or perhaps the movers will have to navigate through extremely narrow hallways. Moving your piano in such circumstances is challenging, and this could reflect in the cost. 

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