Local Moving Company Residential Services And How To Choose The Just-Right Contractor

29 October 2021
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Are you planning a move? You googled "local moving company residential services" and got dozens of pages filled with results. How can you choose one of the many movers in your area? Before you select one moving contractor, ask yourself these questions.

What is Most Important To You?

The moving process isn't a one-size-fits-all activity. This means every person who is planning a move won't need the same things in a contractor. While general lists of what to look for in a good moving company can help, you may have different needs from someone else. If you're not sure what is important in a mover to you, consider:

  • The services you need. Do you only need someone to lift, carry, and transport your boxes—or do you need a full-service (packing included) mover? Other specialized services a mover may offer include transporting artwork, pianos, or other fragile/breakable items.

  • The schedule. What is your moving time frame? If you need a contractor who can schedule a late-day service, but the mover only schedules appointments through 5:00 p.m., you will need to find another contractor. The moving company should offer hours that will fit into your schedule.

  • The reputation. Do you prefer a contractor with dozens or more glowing reviews—or would you rather make your own decision based on your own experiences? While reviews can help you to find an experienced contractor, you can't always rely on information strangers provide

Along with these points, list everything you feel is important in a mover or to your move. This can help you to narrow down your choices.

What Is Your Moving Budget?

You think you've found the best moving contractor in town. But then you saw the estimate. Before you interview every mover with top-notch ratings, set a budget. According to the website Moving.com, the average cost to move a two- to three-bedroom home loinfocally is $1,250. Even though this is the national average, your move may cost more or less. The price you pay depends on:

  • Your geographic region. Some economics of your local area will affect the total price of a move. 

  • Extra services. Expect to pay more for specialized services, such as packing or moving art.

  • The time of the move. Some companies may charge more for specific hours of the day, days of the week, or times of the year.

  • The size/weight of your to-move items. The more boxes, bins, bags, and furniture you have, the bigger budget you'll need. The same is true for heavier weight moves.

Instead of one number, set a moving budget range. This will give you wiggle room and may increase your options.

For more information on how to move, contact a residential local moving company.